Inner Scarves

Everyone and I mean everyone has been asking about the inner scarves we wear when taking the scarf shots and  other types of inner scarves as well. Well, get ready for here they come! Most items are restockable so we will update this page when new items come in.

Currently these are the inner scarves we have:
Zsa Zsa Inners (Limited)
Rina Inners (Out of Stock)
Syrian Inners (Updates coming soon!)
Syrian Inners with Awning (Out of Stock)

The Zsa Zsa Inner
The Zsa Zsa inner scarf can be worn with other scarves to provide excellent cover and comfort to those wearing it.  Ameena Scarves recommends matching Zsa Zsa inners with Deeny Chiffon Scarves.

Zsa Zsa Inner
Material: Awning: Shantung Silk, Body Lycra (High Quality Lycra)
Length: Above chest
Only RM20 each

IN-ZSA-01, Red Chilly- SOLD

IN-ZSA-02, Orange - SOLD

IN-ZSA-03, Lilac - SOLD

IN-ZSA-05, Lemon Yellow - SOLD

IN-ZSA-06, Off-White - SOLD

IN-ZSA-07, Grey - 1 Available

IN-ZSA-10, Dark Brown - SOLD

The Rina Inner
The Rina Inner is a favourite with the 2 of us. We wear this type of inner on a daily basis because it is easy to clean and it makes wearing long scarves a breeze. We recommend the Rina inner to be used with long scarves.

Rina Inner
Material: Cotton
Length: Covers neck
Only RM30 each

Haz is wearing 

IN-RNA-01, Grey - SOLD

IN-RNA-02, Black- SOLD

IN-RNA-03, Grey with blue threads - SOLD

IN-RNA-04, Light Pink- SOLD

IN-RNA-05, Beige - SOLD

IN-RNA-06, Navy Blue - SOLD

The Syrian Inner is a no fuss everyday use type of inner.  The best thing about this inner is that it comes in various colours. Feast your eyes on this, then get one for yourself!

So many colours!

Syrian Inners
Material: Cotton

Only RM8 each

IN-SY-43, Light Greyish Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-01, Brown - 2 Available
IN-SY-17, Teal - SOLD
IN-SY-42, Black - 2 Available
IN-SY-16, Greyish Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-13, Lavender - SOLD
IN-SY-12, Dark Purple - SOLD
IN-SY-41, Bright OrangeSOLD
Syrian Inners with Awning
(Sorry, no stock right now. Check our FB for updates.)
Love the comfort and colours of the Syrian Inners but can't live without an awning? Fret no more, for Ameena Scarves now brings you, Syrian Inners .. with Awning. Awning lovers rejoice! We have tried them on and thought it looked quite good on us. We're sure it would look even better on you!

Syrian Inners
with Awning
Quality Cotton
Only RM12 a piece
Comes in 2 variations - 
Type 1: Thinner, softer & more stretchy, 
Type 2: Slightly thicker, like quality t-shirt material
The Syrian Inner, worn with a long scarf

What the awning looks like, Type 1 material

Syrian Inners with Awning Type, 1

IN-SY-21, White - SOLD
IN-SY-26, Greyish Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-44, Black - SOLD 
IN-SY-27, Dark Navy Blue SOLD

IN-SY-45, Bright Orange- SOLD
IN-SY-24, Light Brown- SOLD
IN-SY-46, Mustard Yellow- SOLD

IN-SY-22, Light Pink - SOLD
IN-SY-50, Brownish Pink - SOLD
IN-SY-49, Bright Peachy Pink - SOLD
IN-SY-48, Hot Pink - SOLD
IN-SY-47, Purple - SOLD

Syrian Inners with Awning, Type 2

IN-SY-32, Dark Brown - SOLD
IN-SY-51, Light Brown - SOLD 
IN-SY-39, Black - SOLD
IN-SY-37, Light Grey - SOLD 

IN-SY-52, Light Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-34, Navy Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-35, Teal - SOLD

IN-SY-53, Red SOLD
IN-SY-33, Dark Purple - SOLD
IN-SY-31, Maroon - SOLD

IN-SY-28, Light Pink- SOLD
IN-SY-36, White - SOLD
IN-SY-29, Brownish Pink - SOLD


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