Dec 13, 2010

2-Toned Crayons are by no means less colourful

Posted by The Sisters at 10:00 AM
The Crayons you love so much are back! A slightly different version than the last one, this time round they are 2-toned as opposed to multi-coloured, which....  in our opinion doesn't make it any less drool-worthy what-so-ever! Choose yours now from 14 rich colours.
Note: Please excuse the yellowish photos and the incidental model. We were both so busy,  so we had to settle for a one-woman shoot in a dimly lit hotel room in between work & travels. We hope you will be able to appreciate the hotness of the scarves anyway :)

Material: Cotton, no ironing necessary
Size: 155 cm x 45 cm
Only RM18

Light Lemon/ Lemon - LG-AB-135 - 1 Available

Yellow/ Orange - LG-AB-136 - 1 Available

Very Light Pink/ Light Pink - LG-AB-137 - 2 Available

Light Peachy Pink/ Peachy Pink - LG-AB-138 - 1 Available

Light Maroon/ Maroon - LG-AB-139 - SOLD

Pink/ Dark Red - LG-AB-140 - 1 Available

Light Purple/ Dark Purple - LG-AB-141 - 1 Available, SOLD

Light Turquoise/ Dark Turquoise - LG-AB-142 - 1 Available

Very Light Green/ Light Green - LG-AB-143 - SOLD

Yellowish Green/ Dark Green - LG-AB-144 - 1 Available, 1 SOLD

Beige/ Brown - LG-AB-145 - 2 Available

Brown/ Dark Brown - LG-AB-146 - 1 RESERVED FOR FF,  1 SOLD 

White/ Grey - LG-AB-147 - RESERVED FOR FF, 1 SOLD

Grey / Black - LG-AB-148 - 1 Available, 1 SOLD 

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