Dec 27, 2010

Thank you!

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Thank you for supporting Ameena Scarves. If you made it to our booth at Tropicana City Mall on Saturday, thank you for dropping by! If you didn't and wish you did, don't worry, we will back at the end of January 2011!
Here is a photo of the booth and a new member of the Ameena family and a photo of Haz, demonstrating how to wear one of our scarves :)

From left: Miza, Haz and our new model

Haz showing us how it's done!

Dec 22, 2010

Ameena Scarves @ I HEART Bazaar,Tropicana City Mall

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What are you doing this Saturday? You don't know? You're not sure? Then why not drop by at Ameena Scarves booth at  I <3 Bazaar at Tropicana City Mall. Check out the latest scarves, get help on styling, get great discounts and meet us in person! We can't wait to see you! Yes, YOU!

P.S - Don't know where Tropicana City Mall is? Don't worry, check out the map!

Click map for larger version

Dec 13, 2010

2-Toned Crayons are by no means less colourful

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The Crayons you love so much are back! A slightly different version than the last one, this time round they are 2-toned as opposed to multi-coloured, which....  in our opinion doesn't make it any less drool-worthy what-so-ever! Choose yours now from 14 rich colours.
Note: Please excuse the yellowish photos and the incidental model. We were both so busy,  so we had to settle for a one-woman shoot in a dimly lit hotel room in between work & travels. We hope you will be able to appreciate the hotness of the scarves anyway :)

Material: Cotton, no ironing necessary
Size: 155 cm x 45 cm
Only RM18

Light Lemon/ Lemon - LG-AB-135 - 1 Available

Yellow/ Orange - LG-AB-136 - 1 Available

Very Light Pink/ Light Pink - LG-AB-137 - 2 Available

Light Peachy Pink/ Peachy Pink - LG-AB-138 - 1 Available

Light Maroon/ Maroon - LG-AB-139 - SOLD

Pink/ Dark Red - LG-AB-140 - 1 Available

Light Purple/ Dark Purple - LG-AB-141 - 1 Available, SOLD

Light Turquoise/ Dark Turquoise - LG-AB-142 - 1 Available

Very Light Green/ Light Green - LG-AB-143 - SOLD

Yellowish Green/ Dark Green - LG-AB-144 - 1 Available, 1 SOLD

Beige/ Brown - LG-AB-145 - 2 Available

Brown/ Dark Brown - LG-AB-146 - 1 RESERVED FOR FF,  1 SOLD 

White/ Grey - LG-AB-147 - RESERVED FOR FF, 1 SOLD

Grey / Black - LG-AB-148 - 1 Available, 1 SOLD 

Dec 11, 2010

2-Toned Chiffon Scarves for the Elegant

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Many of you have been asking for plain chiffon scarves. Well, we have something even better, 2-Toned chiffon scarves! Ain't that hot? Again, please excuse the quality of the photos, we couldn't take photos in the usual place, so the photos are a bit dark. We have tried our best to ensure that the colours still come out as accurate as possible.

2-toned Chiffon Scarves
Material: Chiffon
Size: 160cm x 50cm
Only RM12 a piece

2 types of 2-toned scarves, vertical tone and horizontal tone

Vertical Tones
Purple/ White - LG-AB-149 - RESERVED FOR LT
Orange/ Brown - LG-AB-150 - RESERVED FOR LT
Light Olive/ Dark Olive - LG-AB-151 - RESERVED FOR LT

Horizontal Tones
Orange - LG-AB-152 - SOLD
Light Green - LG-AB-153 - SOLD
Grey/ Black - LG-AB-154 - RESERVED FOR LT
Turquoise - LG-AB-155 - RESERVED FOR LT
Purple - LG-AB-157 - RESERVED FOR LT
Maroon - LG-AB-159 - RESERVED FOR LT

Summer's not over yet! Polyester Dyed Scarves that takes you back in time

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Check out these "groovy" dyed polyester scarves! The scarves are dyed at both ends, giving the scarf a more casual feel.

Material: Polyester
Size: 160cm x 50cm
Only RM10 a piece

Summer is available is 6 colours.

Bright Pink/ Dark Purple - LG-AB-160 - RESERVED FOR LT, 1 SOLD
Purple/ Dark Purple - LG-AB-161 - RESERVED FOR LT
Beige/ Dark Brown - LG-AB-162 - RESERVED FOR LT
Light Olive/ Dark Olive - LG-AB-163 - RESERVED FOR LT
White/ Black - LG-AB-164 - SOLD
Red/ Black - LG-AB-165 - RESERVED FOR LT

Dec 10, 2010

The Syrian Inners are back with a bang and ... Awnings

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Love the comfort and colours of the Syrian Inners but can't live without an awning? Fret no more, for Ameena Scarves now brings you, Syrian Inners .. with Awning. Awning lovers rejoice! We have tried them on and thought it looked quite good on us. We're sure it would look even better on you!

Syrian Inners
with Awning
Quality Cotton
Only RM12 a piece
Comes in 2 variations - 
Type 1: Thinner, softer & more stretchy, 
Type 2: Slightly thicker, like quality t-shirt material

The Syrian Inner, worn with a long scarf

What the awning looks like, Type 1 material

Syrian Inners with Awning Type, 1

IN-SY-21, White - 1 Available
IN-SY-22, Light Pink- 1 Available
IN-SY-23, Pink - 1 Available

IN-SY-24, Light Brown- 1 Available
IN-SY-25, Dark Brown - 1 Available
IN-SY-26, Greyish Blue - 1 Available
IN-SY-27, Dark Navy Blue 1 Available

Syrian Inners with Awning, Type 2

IN-SY-28, Light Pink- 1 Available
IN-SY-29, Brownish Pink - SOLD
IN-SY-30, Dark Pink - 1 Available
IN-SY-31, Maroon 1 Available

IN-SY-32, Dark Brown - SOLD
IN-SY-33, Dark Purple - 1 Available
IN-SY-34, Navy Blue - SOLD
IN-SY-35, Teal 1 Available

IN-SY-36, White - 1 Available
IN-SY-37, Light Grey - 1 Available
IN-SY-38, Dark Grey - SOLD

Whatcha waiting for?

Dec 6, 2010

Coming Soon!

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Ladies, if you are waiting to see the new scarves, please bear with us. We are aiming to have the photos up soon, probably after mid-week break. Please check again by the end of the week! Have a fabulous day!

Nov 9, 2010

New Scarves Update: 9 November 2010

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Hello Friends! Just a quick note, if you are ordering for Hari Raya, please make sure you plan ahead. The last orders and payment should be made by Sunday, 14 November 2010 to get to you latest by Tuesday before Raya.

These are the new scarves for the week. Just click on the links underneath the photos to be directed to the full post.

Hari Raya Chiffon Collection

Colorful Crayons

View More Crayons

Inner Scarves

Chiffon Collection: Ava Chiffon Scarves

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Hello hello! We are excited to bring you the Chiffon collection, a collection of beautiful and classy scarves. The soft chiffon material will make you feel so girly! The scarves are made up of 2 layers of chiffon, so it is light and comfortable to wear while providing appropriate coverage. Suitable for various occasions and goes particularly well with the baju kurung/ kebaya.

Ava Chiffon Scarves
Material: Awning - Shantung, Body - Chiffon
RM 56

Top Layer: Turquoise, Bottom Layer: Blue/ Green/ Black/ White
Face Size: L

Top Layer: Purple, Bottom Layer: Pink/ Purple
Face Size: L

Chiffon Collection: Layla Chiffon Scarves

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More chiffon choices to wear to work or on Hari Raya! The Layla Chiffon Scarves are made up of two chiffon pieces of different colours or tones.  A breeze to mix and match. Take a look!

Layla Chiffon Scarves
Material: Awning - Shantung, Body - Chiffon
Face Size: All free size (ladies with smaller faces may need to use a brooch) 
unless stated otherwise
RM 53

Top Layer: Peach, Bottom Layer: Peach

Top Layer: Hot Pink, Bottom Layer: Light Pink

Top Layer: Hot Pink, Bottom Layer: Very Light Pink

Top Layer: Crimson, Bottom Layer: Light Crimson

Top Layer: Maroon, Bottom Layer: Pink

Top Layer: Green Tones, Bottom Layer: Light Green

Top Layer: Sea Green, Bottom Layer: Light Sea Green
Face Size: M

Top Layer: Gold, Bottom Layer: Brown

Top Layer: Mustard, Bottom Layer: Yellow

Top Layer: Light Olive, Bottom Layer: Dark Olive

Top Layer: Dark Olive, Bottom Layer: Yellow

Top Layer: Dark Olive, Bottom Layer: Very Light Olive

Top Layer: Light Brown, Bottom Layer: Dark Brown

Chiffon Collection: Deeny Chiffon Scarves

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This is one of our favourites in this collection.  This is mainly because of it's versatility and the choice of colours it comes in.  This scarf is like a Syria Hijab, only made of chiffon. It can be styled a variety of ways, for example layered on top of a plain or patterned lycra scarf or worn with the Rina Inner. Personally, we think that it looks best with the Zsa Zsa Inner scarf. Get ready to look your best!

2 ways to wear the Deeny Chiffon Scarf

Deeny Chiffon Scarves
Material: Awning - Shantung, Body - Chiffon
Face Size: All free size (ladies with smaller faces may need to use a brooch) 
unless stated otherwise
RM 30
(Inner scarf sold separately, in the Inner Scarves section)

Peach - SOLD
(Inner: IN-ZSA-01, Red Chilly - SOLD)

(Inner: IN-ZSA-02, OrangeAVAILABLE)

(Inner: IN-ZSA-03, Lilac2 AVAILABLE)

Reddish Purple - AVAILABLE
(Inner: IN-ZSA-03, Lilac2 AVAILABLE)

Lemon - SOLD
(Inner: IN-ZSA-05, Lemon YellowSOLD)

(Inner: IN-ZSA-06, Off-WhiteAVAILABLE)

(Inner: IN-ZSA-07, Grey3 AVAILABLE)


Brown - SOLD
(Inner: IN-ZSA-10, Dark BrownSOLD)


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